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Every night in the sky, fighting continues in the endless war between Heaven and Earth. Every night, the people of Ferren’s tribe lie trembling in fear.

Ferren is a little less fearful than the rest. Looking out one night, he sees a globe of light come tumbling out of the sky, crashing to the ground close by. It has to be an angel! One of Heaven’s warriors, shot down by the Humen forces that defend the Earth!

The angel Miriael tumbles from the sky

Next day he investigates. The angel Miriael lies broken and helpless, unable to fly. Cut off from Heaven, she craves extinction. But Ferren feeds her and keeps her alive. Although she despises him as a primitive Residual and he fears her as a dangerous Celestial, eventually they start talking.

But the people of Ferren’s tribe are loyal to their alliance with the Humen; all contact with Celestials is strictly forbidden. When they found out what he’d been doing, they drive him into exile. He finds himself alone in a strange and terrifying world.

Journeying along an overbridge, he comes at last to the vast military-industral complex of the Bankstown Camp. Here, shocking discoveries will change his entire perspective on allies and enemies …

Meanwhile Miriael is making discoveries of her own, about the Humen Selectors who want to take her off for examination by their Doctors and about the Residuals who maybe aren’t as primitive and insignificant as she assumed.

Both Ferren and Miriael have life-changing decisions to make. When they come together again, a great battle is looming between the armies of Heaven and the armies of Earth. And Ferren’s tribe will be trapped in the middle of it 

Some well-known writers who’ve read Ferren and the Angel have had some very good things to say about it:

Isobelle Carmody photo
Isobelle Carmody

”Ferren and the Angel is that rare thing, a profoundly original fantasy that is at the same time, funny, tender and wise. A lovely gem of a book” – Isobelle Carmody, acclaimed author of the Obernewtyn series.

Ian Irvine photo
Ian Irvine

  “Captivating, dazzlingly original fantasy!” – Ian Irvine, creator of the hugely successful Three Worlds fantasy series.

Jack Dann photo
Jack Dann

 “Harland is a wonderful writer … he will take you to some pretty weird and wild places” – Jack Dann, author of The Memory Cathedral and winner of the Nebula and World Fantasy Awards.

Want a sample? Here are the first couple of chapters to try out!

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