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Worldshaker title banner

Picture a world where mighty iron juggernauts roam over land and sea—juggernauts as big as mountains, there kilometers long. On land, they move on rollers or tracks, crushing everything in their path.

Col lives on the Upper Decks of the juggernaut Worldshaker. He has been chosen by his grandfather as the juggernaut’s next Supreme Commander –

Worldshaker cover Australia
WORLDSHAKER – Australian cover

Each juggernaut is ruled over by a government from one of the old powers of Europe: British Queen, Russian Tsar, Austrian Emperor, Prussian King and Turkish Sultan. They’ve abandoned Europe when it became a polluted, uninhabitable wasteland. Now they exploit the other continents in a new Age of Imperialism.

They also exploit their workers, who live in the engine room below decks in heat and steam and perpetual danger. The ‘Filthies’, as they’re called, are treated as sub-humans, lower than animals and twice as expendable.

Then a Filthy girl escapes and tries to hide in Col’s cabin. ‘Don’t let ’em take me!’ Riff pleads.

So begins a journey of discovery for Col, as he gradually learns the truth about the system he’s grown up in. Can he break all the rules and decide his own future?

Worldshaker tells the story of the first crack in the Age of Imperialism. Riff dreams of a great revolution, where the exploited will end the tyranny of the Upper Decks and seize power for themselves. But she needs Col’s help to do it …

Picture of a juggernaut
The juggernaut WORLDSHAKER, later re-cnamed LIBERATOR

“A page-turning, pulse-pounding read” – Kirkus Reviews

“Intriguing world building, strong characters, and an exciting plot that will leave teens thinking about perceptions and prejudices and the weight of leadership” – Booklist

“The writing is sharp and the story fast-paced” – Publishers Weekly

Liberator picks up the story three months after the revolution. The Filthies have given their juggernaut the new name of ‘Liberator’. But the revolution is under threat on all sides: from a secret saboteur on board, from other Imperialistjuggernauts determined to crush this upstart free society, and from fanatical extremists who want to push the revolution into a new form of tyranny.

Liberator front cover Australia
LIBERAROR – Australian cover

Col and Riff could stand against the extremists if they could stand together at all. As a member of the old elite, Col is persecuted by Riff’s friends and fellow Council members, until she’s embarrassed to be seen talking to him. A reign of terror, an ultimate battle —and the story of the juggernaut LIBERATOR drives on to its shattering conclusion.

Worldshaker and Liberator have been published in the US, UK, France, Germany and Brazil, as well as Australia. And every time a new cover! Check out all the covers – all unbelievably different – along with some videos and audio recordings of the author reading sample chapters.

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