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Ta-rah! Ta-rah! Taran-taran-tarah! Liana Burrage has done it again! Check out her trailer for Book 2 of the Ferren Trilogy. As good as the first for Book 1? I think it’s maybe even better!

DOOMSDAY MISSION reviewed in the Independent Book Review

Harland strikes again in this thrilling sequel.

The Ferren sequel captures that same level of excitement I expected after that first book. There is some enormous character development within the main protagonists. Ferren, merely 15, must grow up exponentially as a resilient leader …

Ferren also has a bit of girl trouble. A girl from a new tribe has set her intentions on him while he’s maintaining his growing feelings for Miriael. And Miriael’s … aspirations and identity have changed ever since she fell from Heaven and met Ferren. Harland has managed to change these characters after the first book while still giving plenty of new reasons for readers to root for them.Harland instills genuine fear in the reader with these Humens. They were creepy and heartless before. Reading them again brings back that disturbing energy …

It’s refreshing to meet a new Residual tribe in the sequel. It’s a way into the deeper parts of Harland’s rich lore and worldbuilding …

Ferren and the Doomsday Mission checks all the boxes for a successful sequel. It carries you through various emotional levels and is filled with a number of exciting events—giving us what we loved about book one but making it feel fresh. Richard Harland has outdone himself again. May the last book in the Ferren trilogy hit its target as hard as these two have.

by Alexandra Duckworth for the Independent Book Review

The full review is posted on the Blog page.


Ferren and the Doomsday Mission, sequel to Ferren and the Angel, comes out on July 29th. And the cover – you guessed it – is by the fabulous Lena Betti again!



This was another fantastic entry into the author’s rich, fantasy-driven dystopian world. The immense scope of the world-building the author took on in bringing this story to life was incredible to see expanded upon in this book. The threat of Dr. Saniette and the Humen in this story and the action-packed drama that unfolds as the battle rages on make this narrative genuinely memorable.

Yet the action and drama are so well balanced, thanks to the rich character dynamics. The friendship and the evolution of the relationship between the protagonists, Miriael and Ferren, is the core heart of the narrative. However, the exciting directions their journey takes them on as individuals, from the interesting romance/love triangle between Ferren, Kiet, and Miriael to the twist connection Miriael has to Asmodai, and the impact Miriael has on the growing alliance amongst the last of the tribes of humanity made this a remarkable narrative to get lost in.

The Verdict: Exhilarating, thrilling, and heartfelt, author Richard Harland’s “Ferren and the Doomsday Mission” is a brilliant sequel and a memorable fantasy-driven story that readers won’t put down. The twists and turns in the story will keep readers on the edge of their seats, and the cliffhanger final moments will bring readers back for the third book of the Ferren trilogy. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


And a great start with the first review of Doomsday Mission.

Here are the first and last three paragraphs –

“Ferren and the Doomsday Mission” by Richard Harland is an exciting coming-of-age fantasy for teens and young adults, though being a not-so-young adult, I have to say it’s a memorable reading journey to be enjoyed by all ages. As the second volume in The Ferren Trilogy, this book soars with a stronger adversary, riskier challenges, and escalating stakes. 


Character development is always a key factor for me, in evaluating a story. In our travels with Ferren and Miriael, we meet a diverse cast of characters, many falling into the category of “those you won’t soon forget.” There are no cookie-cutter humans or celestials to be found and they each stand out for their qualities (and weaknesses). I enjoyed meeting all the characters in this ravaged world, but I have to say I have a soft spot for the Morphs, poor things. Ferren and Miriael are protagonists you want to root for because they are less-than-perfect – as it should be. Very few of us can relate to perfection, *wink*! But perhaps the most outrageous character in this book is Dr. Saniette. I have NEVER before met a character of his make-up, nor am I likely to again. Seriously out of this world creative! 

The writing is ideal, spot-on for the genre, especially the special languages and sound effects interspersed throughout. The short chapters provide a sense of urgency that will keep readers engaged in the action. Did I mention creativity? I did, but it bears repeating. Seriously out of this world creative! Harland knows how to entertain!

“Ferren and the Doomsday Mission” shines as the second book in The Ferren Trilogy by Richard Harland and sets the stage for a dynamic conclusion.

————- Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (03/2024)

The full review is posted on the Blog page


Ferren and the Angel has just taken the Silver Award in this year’s Reader Views Literary Awards! Yay!

The award is in the Teen Fiction category, and it’s the top fantasy novel in the category. Yay and triple yay!

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To celebrate the Reader Views Silver Award AND the announcement of a release date for the second Ferren book – Ferren and the Doomsday Mission on July 29th – IFWG Publishing is giving away 5 PRINT COPIES of Ferren and the Angel free on GoodReads. You have to be a US resident, because that’s the limit of the GoodReads giveaways program right now. (Well, US and Canada, but IFWG Publishing would have a postage problem for Canada.) Sorry, everywhere else! But if you’re a US resident, jump in and enter!


Ferren and the Angel is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, Kobo, Apple Books and more. Also good bookshops everywhere. RRP in the US is $16.99 for print, $5.99 for ebook.


Great news – Liana Burrage is now at work creating the trailer for Ferren and the Doomsday Mission. A good time to hit repeat on the amazing trailer she did for Ferren and there Angel.


Spectacular image by Italian artist and designer, Elena Betti! It shows Miriael the Fourteenth Angel of Observance as she plummets from the sky, shot down by Humen forces in the thousand-year war between Heaven and Earth.



The setting is a thousand years after the Venables-Hirsch Experiment and the early psychonauts (2028-33). An endless conflict between Heaven and Earth has devastated whole continents, and has altered both Heaven and Earth beyond recognition. 

On Earth, the fires ignited by the Great Collapse still burn across Europe and Asia, the Weather Wars have buried half of North America under ice, and the landmass of South America lies broken in blocks because of the Wars of Doctor Mengis and Doctor Genelle. Now the beings called Humen (it wasn’t a typo!) rule the Earth and wage constant battles against the Celestials.

In Heaven, the Supreme Trinity has withdrawn to the Seventh Altitude, while a War Council of the highest archangels directs strategy and defence. Peace and serenity have been lost, and the souls of the dead have been shut out for hundreds of years.

Also on the Earth, scattered tribes of people known as Residuals survive in degraded conditions and a state of fear. Ferren is one of the Residuals. All he knows are the ruins of his Home Ground and the Humen Selectors who come to claim an annual tribute for military service. 

Then Miriael crashes to the Earth, and his life changes …

She’s come down not far from the Home Ground, damaged and unable to fly. Abandoned by Heaven, she prays for extinction. When Ferren finds her lying in the grass, he knows she ought to be his enemy, since his people are on the side of the Earth. Yet seeing her there, so helpless and beautiful, his curiosity outweighs every rule and warning.

He understands almost nothing about the apocalyptic world he’s grown up in. Now he’s going to learn the truth about the history of the war, the nearby Humen army camp and what military service really means. His unique friendship with an angel will launch a revolution and transform everyone’s future.

For more background on the world of the Ferren Trilogy –

go to Ferren's World: Historical Timeline

And here’s a map of planet Earth in 3000AD :-

Go to Ferren's World Map of Earth
Richard Harland photo

I guess I’m best known for the steampunk world of Worldshaker and its sequels, but this world of the Ferren Trilogy goes one step further! It has steampunk qualities in parts, with the Humen armies and the Humen camp, but it also has the transcendental sublime of angels and Heaven. I’ve aimed to re-imagine the traditional lore of theological ‘angelology’.

Here’s what Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer at Midwest Book Review had to say about Ferren and the Angel:

Its powerful, unpredictable brand of fantasy is highly recommended for young adult to adult readers and for libraries seeking something refreshingly new in the fantasy genre …

… Richard Harland’s approach to entwining the perceptions, lives, and clashes between very different peoples is thoroughly engrossing. From Hypers and Residuals and pale threatening ghosts to mechanical actions that happen all by themselves with no humans at the helm, Ferren’s journey introduces him to realizations that he never saw coming.

Pair spiritual, philosophical, and social struggles with the unusual friendship that rises between an angel and a human of opposing forces, add sound effects and clashes that challenge their roles and perceptions, and build a firm relationship from a shaky foundation of mistrust for a sense of the powerful and disparate forces contrasted and profiled in Ferren and the Angel.

Midwest Book Review

And here’s Alexandria Ducksworth of Independent Book Review:

The worldbuilding here is addictive … This story has a great plot, some incredible conflict, and secrets just waiting to be revealed. Dystopian fans are in for a treat. 

 Independent Book Review

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