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The Millenary War has completely changed the face of the Earth. Europe and Asia have become the Burning Continents, set on fire by the great energies released when a portion of Heaven fell to Earth in the Great Collapse. The Weather Wars ended up burying half of North America under a cap of ice, while the more recent Wars of Doctor Mengis and Doctor Genelle broke South America into separate fractured blocks.

One area still relatively intact is Australia. Passing centuries have reduced towns and cities to rubble, and the Humen have modified the landscape in extraordinary ways – with overbridges, incandescent hills, deep echoing wells and cliffs clamped in metal bands. But the full destructive impact of terra-celestial warfare hasn’t yet touched this continent.

However, a great military force is building up under Doctor Saniette in Western Australia, and the Bankstown Doctors have created a fortified military-industrial site in the middle of what was once suburban Sydney. The east coast of Australia is about to become the new focus of the Humen war effort – and Heaven’s response.

Ferren belongs to a tribe who call themselves the People, living not far from the Bankstown Camp. His experience is limited to the grassland plain that now flourishes in place of the Sydney metropolis. The People have made their home in one of the few remaining bits of ruin …


Map of the Earth in Ferren's Time, 3000 AD
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